To the many that have inquired about stud service,

     Though I am flattered by the wonderful comments about my studs, and I am honored that you have chosen one of my boys to sire your litter, my boys are not available for service. This is not because I am a snob, or I feel my dogs are better then anyone else. It is because I am protective of my dogs, as well as the preservation of this breed. I have had several inquiries from people lately that I do not feel have the right intentions in breeding. I will not just take and throw 2 dogs together for the sake of making babies. These boys are my boys. They are part of my family. I have carefully chosen them to sire my litters, as I choose carefully which 1 to use for which of my females to make the best pairings possible. I do not have them here just to stud them out to as many females possible. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, that is not my intent. I just want to be clear about my intentions.  My main focus is the health and well being of my dogs and my puppies. Thank you for the inquiries I have received.
    Davincci AKA Vinnie

             AKC Boxer
Luger the 2nd AKA Louie
Sir Soloman the king